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What is this?!

A touching story about a pumpkin and a robot who hang out on a couch and watch too many movies.

Oh, I know exactly what you’re thinking now: „This is DYNAMITE! Why hasn’t Hollywood picked this stuff up yet?!“
No idea. But i CAN tell you how this thing started!
We, the humble creators of this buggy, sputtering website, want nothing more in life than to create comics. We always had the same kind of humor and were wondering what we could do, since there are already a whole lot of great, funny and interesting webcomics out there.
We have been reading comics for our whole life and also read books, played games and watch movies in all these years. So instead of sticking to just one of these fields, we decided to go crazy for everything in popculture, because there’s fun in just everything. Well, mostly it’s fun. Looking at you, Martyrs!

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