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Who wants to play video games?

Who wants to play video games? published on 2 Kommentare zu Who wants to play video games?

I’ve been playing video games since i was… i don’t know, everything’s blurry. I still play a lot today, and i’m amazed of how much greater the experience of one single game can be, compared to a 90 minute movie. I won’t argue against the fact that movies and video games are 2 separate, unique art forms, but i won’t ever feel as much emotional connection to any Sci-Fi-movie as with Mass Effect, where I take matters into my own, incompetent hands!
Ok, maybe except Alien 1-3. Those movies are just the best.

As i continued playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones i made some few tests to see if you get a different outcome of the overall story – the answer was: not so much. Mostly you even get the exact same answers, even though you think that you just reacted in a more aggressive way towards a character. But anyway, it’s still fun playing it and you pay more attention to every detail.

What really I want to say with this is:
Have a great week!

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