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And we’re back! If we were a bit more… foresighted, we would be filthy rich, swimming in pea soup! I’m a big fan of the comic Outcast, though I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. The story has slowly but effectively progressed and I can’t wait to find out how everything will play out… Continue reading Foresight


Good times

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While working on this comic we had once again a question coming up: „Is this too nerdy? Will people, who’ve never seen this, find it funny?“ The answer is, we have NO idea, but we can’t take this away from the brave poor souls who watched, like us, Neon Genesis Evangelion in the 90s. At… Continue reading Good times


Alien Parasites

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Happy Halloween! Tales from the Couch proudly presents „Alien Parasite Weeks“! This comic idea came up during a work weekend in Hannover, when we ended up… not working so much, but watching the brilliant movie Slither, which had its 10 year anniversairy. James Gunn, the guy who directed Slither, also made Guardians of the Galaxy… Continue reading Alien Parasites


Things from another world

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Welcome to #2 of our Alien Parasite Weeks! Today’s comic is all about John Carpenter’s „The Thing“. I’m a huge fan of Carpenter’s early works – I see no other way than pointing out the „early“ („John Carpenter’s Vampires“ cough cough) – and was very happy to finally draw something related to this movie. On… Continue reading Things from another world