One Link, one Heart

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Woah, this Comic has come a long way. Timo has drawn the first storyboard on the Comic Con in Stuttgart, showing me the draft with a far too happy face. I’m SO glad that we can share the vision of bodyhorror Link with you and aren’t alone with it anymore. Timo also started to join… Continue reading One Link, one Heart


Growing up&Movie Trailers

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I watched Star Trek – Beyond last week, including all of those tons of trailers before the movie started. So in this movie „Nerve“, Emma Roberts and Dave Franco play 2 kids that are forced to fulfil some deeds that a mobile game commands them to do(not, this is not about Pokemon), and my initial… Continue reading Growing up&Movie Trailers



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Are you old enough to remember the good ol‘ advertisement „‚Hi, I’m a Mac!‘ ‚And I’m a PC’“? We thought that Marvel&DC would need something similar. The original ending had DC vomit all over Robbie, but some ideas just don’t translate that easily on paper… Will Image&Dark Horse escape their prison? Who knows!