Zombies 101

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The content of this (quite important) zombie discussion originally took place during our group’s vacation in Finland this year. I was sitting with 3 of our friends in our own private Sauna, we had all jumped into a lake before to cool down, and were kind of brainwashed/damaged of pure relaxation. I remember thinking „We… Continue reading Zombies 101

Episode Momo

Momo‘ money, Momo‘ problems

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Hey there, so this week I finally landed in a bit of time pressure(well not seriously, because it’s sunday 5:50 pm as I upload the new episode), but I had to pick a really old one that I might last year to test my comic-workflow, out of hurry. The reason behind this: This week I… Continue reading Momo‘ money, Momo‘ problems


iZombie, uBrain

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Probably just one person that i know watches this show(hey Clara!), so this one’s is going out to the deep nerd-corners of the internet. What can I say, it’s about zombies and based on a comic of one of my heroes, Mike Allred, how could I NOT watch it… Don’t worry, next week is about… Continue reading iZombie, uBrain

Halloween #1

Halloween #1

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Hey there, yeah, you’re absolutely right, this one is another comic with 2 parts, which means that in this one nearly nothing is happening! Yay! Look at me, I’m a comic writer! On a whole different matter: last week’s „iZombie“-episode was great for me. I realize that you have to watch insanely many movies&tv-shows to… Continue reading Halloween #1


Abominators gonna abominate

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Hey there, this week it’s only a quick one. SO much is happening during the next weeks and I have to prepare for it. Fallout 4, the new Tomb Raider and soon Star Wars! Eek! Still the actual content of this episode is important as always.


X-Men: First Class, please

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The 3rd X-Men movie had maaaany problems, this is just one of the things that crossed my mind, especially in the last 10 minutes. Timo and me wondered where he might have been during that time… I like the X-Men Comics(especially Joss Whedon’s „Astonishing X-Men“), but the movies never really worked for me. Then again,… Continue reading X-Men: First Class, please