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A small overview over our Ladies&Gentle…things


Mr. Pumpkin

The Spirit of Horror

For the embodyment of Horror, Mr. Pumpkin is a pretty chillaxed guy. Not really an outgoing specter, he likes to spend his evenings with good friends and movies and almost never stalks people in person. If he´s not with friends or on moviesets, he enjoys long haunts on the beach and collecting rusty knifes. His mortal enemy is the Starbucks Company since an unfortunate incident in which a pumpkin-spiced latte turned out to be spiced with his aunt Jennifer.



The Spirit of Science Fiction

You might know both his parents from that old Forbidden Planet poster. Robot dislikes plotholes and sloppy science – kind of a bummer if you are the embodiment of Science Fiction.
He has a Neil deGrasse Tyson plushie in his bedroom. For someone who is not entirely waterproof, Robot is a surprisingly good swimmer.

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