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Tales from the Couch episode #3


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We didn’t quite know what to make of this movie, there are so many possibilities. But then we thought, the „Steal the plot from Futurama“ is the way to go, and we can make fun of Adam Sandler another time…

Fun fact! In order to keep this webcomic informative, I, the artist, made some research about yak manure.

Did you know that it doesn’t stink?

Have a great week!


Stay on the couch #2

Stay on the couch #2 published on Keine Kommentare zu Stay on the couch #2

That’s it!
I think now we have answered the question, why a ghost, who can travel everywhere in existence chooses to stay at home and watch TV…

But much more important: We have really enjoyed the start of this comic! OF COURSE it’s great to plan something for 8 months, but actually releasing it is just so much better!
Even though we are deeply mistrusting, suspicious people, this is the point of our life at which we are forced to get used to social media. If you don’t have to, just don’t use it! It makes you feel very very old.

Stay on the couch #1

Stay on the couch #1

Stay on the couch #1 published on Keine Kommentare zu Stay on the couch #1

Hey guess what, this is our very first webcomic post!
Timo and me have been very excited about this moment because WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE’RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

We were wondering if we should just post the first 2 introduction comics together but
1. Nah, who cares!
2. This is supposed to help us start creating comics on a weekly basis
3. We are lazy
So hope to see you again, Sir, Ma’am or cat, which just walked over the keyboard! You’re welcome to explore the wonderful world of horror with us and Mr. Pumpkin!

What is this?!

What is this?! published on
A touching story about a pumpkin and a robot who hang out on a couch and watch too many movies.

Oh, I know exactly what you’re thinking now: „This is DYNAMITE! Why hasn’t Hollywood picked this stuff up yet?!“
No idea. But i CAN tell you how this thing started!
We, the humble creators of this buggy, sputtering website, want nothing more in life than to create comics. We always had the same kind of humor and were wondering what we could do, since there are already a whole lot of great, funny and interesting webcomics out there.
We have been reading comics for our whole life and also read books, played games and watch movies in all these years. So instead of sticking to just one of these fields, we decided to go crazy for everything in popculture, because there’s fun in just everything. Well, mostly it’s fun. Looking at you, Martyrs!


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Write us!

If you have any questions about our work or want to discuss a freelance job, feel free to contact us via email:

Follow us if you want to live

About us

About us published on
L’Etat, c’est nous.

Creator, Artist, Stories

Comic geek, bookworm, gamer, terrible dancer and longtime movie enthusiast.
After 30 years of successfully consuming comics, i decided it was time to make one on my own. To be a bit more specific, in the night of my 30th birthday i stood on the balcony, threatening the moon with my future works. The plot about Genre Spirits is of course just a cheap excuse to write about movies, books, comics, and everything else that’s good in life. So i contacted Timo, the funniest person i know, to pull that off.
I live in Berlin, Germany and hope it stays that way!

Writer, Co-Artist!

I´m a bipedal carbonbased lifeform that needs oxygen and caffeine to survive. I love science fiction and horror, no matter if its movies, series, comics, animation, books, games, stage plays, synchronised swimming or carpet stains removal products. In fact I buy my carpet stains removal products only if they are science fiction themed.
Also, I dont own a carpet.
But above all else I love comics. So when Caro asked me to make a comic together I agreed immediately!
I´m on twitter , tumblr* and have an old Deviant Art account, go check it out!
My location remains undisclosed. Do not seek me, I have a highly trained battle-cat for my protection.


I’m not entirely sure why I’m allowed to play with the geeks because I enjoy getting paper cuts from books more than going to the cinema(LIES! -Caro). Perhaps it’s that morbid side they like. Once I did a reading of an early 17th century play just to see my friends getting drunk and become aggravated about old words.
I love the theatre and sometimes review it. I also shapeshift between Berlin and London, and do research on monsters and language and you can follow me here on twitter


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A small overview over our Ladies&Gentle…things


Mr. Pumpkin

The Spirit of Horror

For the embodyment of Horror, Mr. Pumpkin is a pretty chillaxed guy. Not really an outgoing specter, he likes to spend his evenings with good friends and movies and almost never stalks people in person. If he´s not with friends or on moviesets, he enjoys long haunts on the beach and collecting rusty knifes. His mortal enemy is the Starbucks Company since an unfortunate incident in which a pumpkin-spiced latte turned out to be spiced with his aunt Jennifer.



The Spirit of Science Fiction

You might know both his parents from that old Forbidden Planet poster. Robot dislikes plotholes and sloppy science – kind of a bummer if you are the embodiment of Science Fiction.
He has a Neil deGrasse Tyson plushie in his bedroom. For someone who is not entirely waterproof, Robot is a surprisingly good swimmer.

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