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Episode Momo

Momo‘ money, Momo‘ problems

Momo‘ money, Momo‘ problems published on Keine Kommentare zu Momo‘ money, Momo‘ problems

Hey there,

so this week I finally landed in a bit of time pressure(well not seriously, because it’s sunday 5:50 pm as I upload the new episode), but I had to pick a really old one that I might last year to test my comic-workflow, out of hurry.
The reason behind this: This week I wasted incredibly many hours playing Assassin’s Creed 4, Black Flag, and it isn’t even THAT good!



Zombies 101

Zombies 101 published on Keine Kommentare zu Zombies 101

The content of this (quite important) zombie discussion originally took place during our group’s vacation in Finland this year.
I was sitting with 3 of our friends in our own private Sauna, we had all jumped into a lake before to cool down, and were kind of brainwashed/damaged of pure relaxation.
I remember thinking „We are out here in the middle of nowhere, sitting in a sauna and those guys are talking about Zombie maggots…
my friends are the best!“

It’s true!

Episode #10

Fear him!

Fear him! published on Keine Kommentare zu Fear him!

Hey there,

I just realized that it’s currently very horror-related! I just started rewatching Lovecraft-related movies, also 90s gems like Carpenter’s „In the Mouth of Madness“.
If I compare that to recent horror movies, those mostly consist of a few jump scares.
And as much as I liked the many cool&creepy ideas in „Sinister“, I think Bughuul would wet his pants if he ever met Francis Underwood…

To get back to Lovecraft, if that whole madness/getting lost/colliding worlds-thing is something for you, I highly recommend the Indie-movie „Absentia“.
Even though it’s slowly losing pace in the last 30 minutes, the first hour is amazing…

Have a great week!

Episode #9

Devil Sequels from Mars

Devil Sequels from Mars published on Keine Kommentare zu Devil Sequels from Mars

This episode is partly the reason why I started this comic. I came to realize this phenomenon while watching Leprechaun 4 – In Space(which is both terrible and hilarious, as every good Trash movie should be) and I hope there’s still more to come.

Episode #8


Bechdel-what? published on Keine Kommentare zu Bechdel-what?

The Bechdel-test is something that can frustrate you a lot, if you’re a mentally capable human being, and I simply assume that you are one.
It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy movies like Pacific Rim(it satisfies my needs for pointless destruction sequences), but I still feel kinda sad that it’s part of that insanely huge boys club. And no little girl EVER will think
„Oh, that awkwardly acting woman that falls in love with the hero will be my new heroine!“
If you’re interested in a huge list about this, check the official site.
Have a great week!

Who wants to play Video Games?

Who wants to play video games?

Who wants to play video games? published on 2 Kommentare zu Who wants to play video games?

I’ve been playing video games since i was… i don’t know, everything’s blurry. I still play a lot today, and i’m amazed of how much greater the experience of one single game can be, compared to a 90 minute movie. I won’t argue against the fact that movies and video games are 2 separate, unique art forms, but i won’t ever feel as much emotional connection to any Sci-Fi-movie as with Mass Effect, where I take matters into my own, incompetent hands!
Ok, maybe except Alien 1-3. Those movies are just the best.

As i continued playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones i made some few tests to see if you get a different outcome of the overall story – the answer was: not so much. Mostly you even get the exact same answers, even though you think that you just reacted in a more aggressive way towards a character. But anyway, it’s still fun playing it and you pay more attention to every detail.

What really I want to say with this is:
Have a great week!

Episode #5

You Set My Heart On Firefly

You Set My Heart On Firefly published on Keine Kommentare zu You Set My Heart On Firefly

Hey there,
this week we go with one alternative format which might come up again, every time we manage to reduce our weird stories to just a few panels. Thanks to technical difficulties/plugins just not working the way i would like them to, i kicked out the language switch on this site.
For those of you who have trouble understanding anything here in english, i moved the comic also over to Tapastic, a very nice webcomic site which offers also a free app. Yeeeah, free stuff!

Have a great week!

Science Fiction Family

Science Fiction Family

Science Fiction Family published on Keine Kommentare zu Science Fiction Family

We proudly present the big, socially awkward family of Science Fiction!

You might notice the flags that appeared suddenly on this site. Voodoo! We’re currently trying to enable 2 languages for the comic and will try to… not destroy everything.

The navigation is still a bit messy, i will try to solve this soon.

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