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About us

L’Etat, c’est nous.

Creator, Artist, Stories

Comic geek, bookworm, gamer, terrible dancer and longtime movie enthusiast.
After 30 years of successfully consuming comics, i decided it was time to make one on my own. To be a bit more specific, in the night of my 30th birthday i stood on the balcony, threatening the moon with my future works. The plot about Genre Spirits is of course just a cheap excuse to write about movies, books, comics, and everything else that’s good in life. So i contacted Timo, the funniest person i know, to pull that off.
I live in Berlin, Germany and hope it stays that way!

Writer, Co-Artist!

I´m a bipedal carbonbased lifeform that needs oxygen and caffeine to survive. I love science fiction and horror, no matter if its movies, series, comics, animation, books, games, stage plays, synchronised swimming or carpet stains removal products. In fact I buy my carpet stains removal products only if they are science fiction themed.
Also, I dont own a carpet.
But above all else I love comics. So when Caro asked me to make a comic together I agreed immediately!
I´m on twitter , tumblr* and have an old Deviant Art account, go check it out!
My location remains undisclosed. Do not seek me, I have a highly trained battle-cat for my protection.


I’m not entirely sure why I’m allowed to play with the geeks because I enjoy getting paper cuts from books more than going to the cinema(LIES! -Caro). Perhaps it’s that morbid side they like. Once I did a reading of an early 17th century play just to see my friends getting drunk and become aggravated about old words.
I love the theatre and sometimes review it. I also shapeshift between Berlin and London, and do research on monsters and language and you can follow me here on twitter

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