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There will now be an intermission

There will now be an intermission published on Keine Kommentare zu There will now be an intermission

130 Intermission
For three years we’ve been working to bring you a new episode of Tales from the Couch every Monday. It was a lot of fun and enriched our lives, but we can not maintain that rhythm. Factors in our non-comic life are currently requiring our attention and time, and as a result, TftC has recently felt less like a passion project and more like a stressful, very badly paid second job. We therefore decided to make some changes.

This is what the future will look like: Timo will continue to make comics for Tales from the Couch, but much more irregular and probably in a different style. There will not be a new update every Monday, the comics will appear if I think of something good and I have time to produce them. Follow Tales from the Couch on Twitter or Facebook to find out when a new comic comes out.

Caro has a lot of new, exciting projects on the horizon, you can learn more about them here, as soon as we can tell you more. Stay tuned!

We will be back at a few comic conventions this year, including the Comic Salon Erlangen (Wohow!), Where you can meet us in person and of course purchase print editions from TftC. More information regarding conventions will be posted in our social media and here on the site.

That’s it for the moment. I hope to see you again soon!

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