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The MCM Hannover!

The MCM Hannover! published on Keine Kommentare zu The MCM Hannover!
So last week we visited the MCM Hanover. In 2016 the MCM became our first con ever, and it’s nice to come back again and compare to what we have learned since: firstly, we now have a nicer, fireproof blanket for our stuff and secondly, that’s it.
Like the last time we had a lot of fun, met a bunch of cool people and also met some old friends again. Many, many thanks to all who came by! It was a great time meeting you, talking nerdy stuff and watch the cosplayers.
Also was Timo’s birthday and it was the best celebration he could have wished for :)
Not pictured (because timos camera phone needs thirty seconds of complete silence and a magnesium flare to produce images) but also there were: Christoph from, Adroth from, our frenemies from, and many, many more.
Next stop: Stuttgart!
20170520_152737 20170521_102710 20170520_152703

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