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Comic Invasion Berlin

Comic Invasion Berlin published on Keine Kommentare zu Comic Invasion Berlin

Last week we made the first, cautious step back into the open – at a comic con! It’s always a shock to leave your cave/apartment after a long, cold winter, but these are the things we do for comics
 We’re visiting 3 cities in Germany this year. The first one was the Comic Invasion in Berlin last week, next weekend we’ll be at the MCM Comic Con Hannover and the Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart in July.

Berlin was a nice start! We made some pictures of our table, we were lucky to have a place near the stage, so we could watch or at least hear every presentation :-)

Besides lots of Couch-Comics Timo also sold all of his own older comics that he had left. Huzzah!

We also want to make some advertising for our table buddy Joseph Nowak, who draws insanely funny cartoons on a daily basis and who contributed a lot to our entertainment. 😉
Click here to see his Instagram page

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